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12 tips that will make your business more social media savvy for the New Year

Let’s make one of our New Year’s resolutions to have our businesses be social media savvy. Below is a list of 12 tips for the upcoming year and each tip is paired with an image of that tip in action. The goal of this list is to help you learn how to make your social media initiatives more effective, interactive, and visually appealing.


1. Use #hashtags. Hashtags are used for events, for campaigns, for others to join in, for asking questions and for helping you trend on Twitter, Google +, and even Facebook. A great example of how to use hashtags is in this YouTube video with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake. Although they are using hashtags in everyday conversation, you can see how they would be applied online. Make sure that all of your tweets have at least one hashtag so users will be able to find you.


#Hashtag by Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake


2. Keep your tweets short and sweet. Don’t use all 140 characters. A great example of this is Best Buy’s Merry Christmas tweet. It’s short, simple, and includes a picture to boost its visual appeal.


short tweet example


3. Include links! You always want to try to get your audience to go back to your website. Here is an example of how our team used a shortened link on Twitter to try to redirect readers to our blog.


Good Tweet


4. Don’t ignore or delete negative comments on any social media sites. Respond to them. You are a customer service agent on social media. A great example of a company that does this well is JetBlue. They have been referenced in other articles about social media as well, but they are just so quick and good at responding to customer complaints that we had to include them as well. They are definitely a good reference in how to deal with negative comments.


jet blue new example


5. Content is what brings customers to your website/brand’s name so only publish newsworthy content about your industry. Our company is in the IT and web services industry so we focus our content around those categories. Here is an example of a recent blog post that we created on how to improve your existing website.


Newsworthy content


6. Ask your audience questions and showcase their comments. People want to feel like they matter and they are heard. Here is a great example of a credit union in Michigan that does an excellent job at engaging its members every week with a Winning Member Wednesday question.


Social Media Question

7. Be as transparent and as down to earth as possible. Include images and posts about everyday office life or your employees accomplishments. Customers want to know the people behind the service.


be real example


8. Don’t forget to keep your Google+ account for your company active. Google loves to include your Google + page in search results, especially for people who have interacted with your Google + page in the past


Google + page


9. Don’t make long YouTube videos. Keep them short and interesting. A mix of professional and home videos is best. A great example of a well mixed YouTube channel is fitness icon Zuzka Light. She uses a combination of professional workout videos, self filmed motivational videos, and recipe videos that she shoots herself.

youtube video mix


10. Keep your cover photos personal. If possible, avoid iStock photos and company information on images. A great example is Target’s cover photo on their Facebook page.


personal cover photos

11. Ask co-workers on LinkedIn to link articles, congratulate connections on new jobs, give recommendations, and make statuses about company events and promotions. Every time they like something or post a status on LinkedIn it gets shared with their professional networks (which is great for every company).


linkedin example


12. Our last tip is to seek out help from professionals when creating and implementing your social media strategies. Often times companies do not have the resources to dedicate one person or a team to social media or learn about how to market to each type of social media site. If this applies to your company, call 312.262.6200 or email to learn more about how Fusion can help your company improve your social media efforts.

Holiday Advice: Where to find your tech gadgets for cheap

The holidays are a popular time to buy tech gadgets for family, friends, or even yourself as gifts. However, because new technology is often expensive, people want to know where to find the most inexpensive AND high quality products. The Fusion team has put together a list of 7 stores (both online and physical) that sell tech gadgets/electronics at prices that won’t break your wallet.



GameStop is a great store for new and used video games and entertainment software. They offer everyday deals online and in their physical stores. In addition to gently used games and software without defects, the store has an easy return policy. If you don’t like a purchase you can trade it in or exchange it without worrying about being hassled. Right now they have three great offers of buy two PS2 games, get two free, buy a pre-owned electronic device, get one 50% off, and 2,500 games marked under $20.



Adorama, as its slogan says, is “more than a camera store”. The online retailer has great deals on cameras, TVs, camcorders, printers, computers, batteries, video games, and more. It is also listed as one of the top five electronics retailers by Consumer Reports. While they don’t have a lowest price guarantee like Best Buy and Walmart, they do offer easy extended returns, 5% rewards on holiday shopping and free shipping on most products.


Gadgets and Gear

For more creative and unconventional technology gifts at good prices check out where you can find cool gifts like a Matrix Led Digital Watch for $29.95, a Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium for $149.95, or a miniature vacuuming robot for $19.95.



If you’re looking to purchase your tech gadgets for a good deal with excellent customer service than look no farther than Crutchfield. The online electronics retailer has won BizRate’s “Circle of Excellence” award 13 times for their customer services and their prices are similar to Best Buy and Target electronics.



Although you may have to buy your tech gadgets used, you can usually find electronics in mint condition for a lot cheaper on eBay than a physical store. All you need to do is find a reputable seller. Some deals that we found on eBay were a kindle for $69, the PS4 for $598, and Apple mini for $300.



Walmart offers a wide variety of electronics from LG, Samsung, HP, Canon, Apple, and more. Like all of Walmart’s products, they are reasonably priced year round, not just during the holidays. Right now Walmart has free shipping by Christmas on popular electronics like a 50” LED TV for $409 and tablets under $100.


Best Buy

Best Buy probably comes as no surprise for a popular location to buy electronics. The good thing about Best Buy is that if you find a product that you want somewhere else for cheaper, they will match that price. Right now Best Buy is featuring a 4 Day Nick of Time Sale with the Xbox One console for 499.99 with free shipping, Skyrim for all consoles at $19.99, an RCA – 55’ LED TV for $499.99, the Surface Pro for $679.99, and the Apple iPod touch 16GB for $199.99 to name a few.


Throughout our experiences buying and gifting technology we have found these seven retailers to offer the best prices and customer services. While their deals and products may differ, they are definitely amongst the 1st places you should stop when making your tech/electronic holiday purchases.



Happy Shopping!

What tech gadget does everyone want this holiday season, but can’t have?

The Fusion Team stumbled upon this revolutionary device about a month ago. We couldn’t believe it. A portable device that you just press a bottom and it translates in real-time what you are saying for 25 different languages! Invented by Marti Karrer and David Barnett, the duo initially hoped to raise $15,000 on Indiegogo for their project. They have now raised over $248,985 for their invention. Guess other people thought the idea was just as cool as we do.


How does it work? The small device that resembles an iPod Nano runs off an app on your mobile device (either Android or iOS). Once you set your native language and the language that you want it to translate to, then all you have to do is to hold down the first button when you are speaking your native language and the second button when someone is speaking in the language that you need translated. Simply amazing! The language selection includes popular languages like English, Spanish, and Italian. It also contains some more less used languages such as Catalan and Malay.


Why can’t I have it for the Holidays? The inventors just released an update yesterday that they are finalizing their SIGMO APP on iOS and Android. They are also still working on an offline translation service that will allow users to still use Sigmo in more remote areas without Wi-Fi or internet as long as they download the appropriate dictionary beforehand. According to the website, Sigmos are only being delivered to financial backers and the next delivery date isn’t until January 2014.


Bottom Line. Real time translation. No more dictionaries or slow mobile app translations. The Fusion team thinks this is simply the coolest invention of the year and would be the coolest tech gadget for the holidays….too bad we just can’t get it this month!


For more information on Sigmo, visit:


Image and video were taken from the Sigmo website at:

Happy Thanksgiving! A Special Thank You to Our Clients

Q: Who is not hungry at Thanksgiving?

A: The turkey, because he’s already stuffed!


This fall has been a time of change and growth for your Fusion team. We are thankful for our new partnerships, new clients, and the continued support from our more longstanding customers. At Fusion we strive to provide consistent high quality services and products. We love technology and are grateful for our clients, who allow us to pursue our passion by fulfilling all of their technological needs. That’s why from the bottom of our hearts we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving filled with great food, joyous company, and thrilling football.


Thank you for a great fall, and may there be more solutions delivered before the end of the year!

It’s Official! Fusion is on board with DELL to provide IT Support Services to the City of Chicago

Fusion is part of the MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) team for DELL to provide IT Support Services to the City of Chicago and Cook County. The contract, scheduled to start this month, is a five-year contract with two, two-year renewals. Fusion will play a key role in staffing the support resources required by the city and county as well as Enterprise services and special projects.

The Fusion team has been providing network management, on-site & remote support, and firewall/virus Protection since 2003. The award winning team is excited to provide these services to the city of Chicago and Cook County.

Why Web Developers & Graphic Designers Are Great For The Holidays

Brands are constantly trying to find ways to connect with their customers while attracting new customers as well. One of the best ways to relate to customers is to keep up with their interests and one of the best times to do this is during the holidays. Web developers and graphic designers are excellent resources as you create your holiday social media and website themes. Here are a few ways that they can help:


Festive websites – Web developers & graphic designers can help out your company and brand by adding holiday animations to your website, modifying your logo to include holiday images, or changing your website colors to fit the upcoming holiday. If you have a slider on your website, it could also be a good idea to add a holiday image.




Decorated social media – Social media is one of the most fun ways to have your brand join the holiday spirit. Add the holiday logo that you created for your website to you social media pages. If you have a festive photo of your building, team members, or holiday events it is also a great idea to make those photos your cover images on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Changing your social media icons on your webpage and/or blog is another fun way to decorate your sites and brand.


Holiday TwitterHoliday FacebookHoliday Google PlusHoliday LinkedIn


Interactive holiday email campaigns – Your developers and designers are usually the ones in charge of making your newsletters and promotions email friendly. Make sure that you utilize them to make your mailings festive and interactive. Also, be sure to link directly to your holiday promotions’ landing pages from your email campaigns.


Thanksgiving email campaign


Overall, web & graphic designers have the ability to give your customers what they want: fun, interactive, holiday inspired websites, so be sure to use them!


At Fusion Technology Solutions Group, LLC, our Senior Web Developer & Graphic Designer, Pedro Suazo, ensures that all of our clients will have a successful online presence. Pedro is experienced in detailed website layouts and multimedia content, utilizing programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and Dreamweaver, as well as various frameworks like codeigniter and Twitter Bootstrap. His additional skills include: HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, MySQL, and Actionscript coding. He also recently developed E-commerce websites from scratch using PHP, MySQL, and Paypal. Finally, Pedro is skilled with User Interfaces (UI), SEOs, Email Campaigns with Mailchimp, and Strategy Development and User Experience (UX). If you would like Pedro to design your next website call us at 312.262.6200 or email us at



Icons are from:

Website image from:

Email campaign example from:

Featured image from:


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Fusion wants to give small business owners a web page jump start! For the entire month of November we are offering small businesses (with no web presence) an exclusive offer:


  • Custom website with a unique design and up to 10 pages
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  • Training on how to maintain your website
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Fusion understands the challenges that small business face in having a professional website built, which is why we are offering our website start-up package at a monthly fee of $250 with a 1 year agreement. Additional discounts are available for the standard contract payment terms or for payments made in advance.


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